Tips for buying shoes

  •  Recommended Buy shoes late in the day because during the day the foot tends to swell slightly, so that the locking bought at the beginning of the day you may click after a long walk.
  • Recommended to buy a shoe when trimming nails or wound care disrupting the true sense measurement.    
  • It is important to measure both shoes store usually because our legs are not always exactly identical and therefore it is important to ensure full compatibility.    
  • Also the practical shoes leather or natural material because we were programmed to match the long elastic foot structure that makes walking shoe.    
  • Recommended measure shoe sitting and standing to deny uncomfortable with the shoe.
Tips to extend the life of the shoe
  • Recommended anoint the weekly shoe shoe polish or shoe suitable oily material to extend the life of the skin.    
  • Avoid contact with water or liquid penetration shoe as possible. 
  • Do not dry or ventilate the shoe in front of a heat source such as an oven, Penn sun.    
  • Avoid mishaps sharp objects such as corners of furniture, stairs, etc. in order to prevent injury to the upper shoe.    
  • Before any treatment consult with a shoe specialist factor (Sandler, manufacturer).    
Tips to prevent odors in shoes
  • Recommended shoe ventilate the end of each day, the event must be excluded removable pad.
  • Recommended use hairspray or deodorant prevents odor special shoes. 
  • Recommended to buy a shoe made of leather or natural material breathes.  
  • It is recommended not to wear every day the same shoe.
  • In exceptional cases, it is recommended to consult a medical technician.
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