About Us

Lady Comfort Corporation

is a chain of comfortable shoes leader in its field and has experience of 50 years in manufacturing and marketing of comfortable shoes 

Lady Comfort Shoes nationwide market of approximately 100 branches north of the country and as far south as the marketing office
and distribution center are located in Tel Aviv 

Lady Comfort Company is now considered one of the leading companies in the field of comfortable shoes without compromising fashion

Lady Comfort Corporation, appeals to all ages and population incision and provides a solution to almost every leg. The company produces shoes
widths and different heights unique technology affected several major trends, including a variety of comfortable shoes with heels
of different heights and plenty of designs and colors that combine comfort and fashion 

 The company has a large variety of shoes with special anatomical way. Negative -hino stepping foot and provides full support for the Cape
Leg and characterized by flexibility, softness and shock-absorbent capacity and relieves symptoms such as fatigue and pain. And given all this occupied
herself now enjoys a loyal customer base every year. New collection and a range of comfortable shoes with attendance
Why Lady Comfort
Experience of 50 years in manufacturing comfortable shoes
Comfortable dummies range suitable for a variety feet
Most shoes Lady Comfort (with logo Lady Comfort) quality leather and cozy
Shoe insoles made of high quality material breathes with support foot
Shoes on current and fashionable appearance
Shoe manufacturing is done strictly on the small details and by the quality inspection
Shoe warranty for six months (subject to warranty regulations
Recommended by Orthopedist
Comfortable shoes that combine a variety of young and stylish line
.Most importantly thousands of satisfied customer 
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נתוני מפה
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נתוני מפהMap data ©2018 Google, Mapa GISrael
Map data ©2018 Google, Mapa GISrael