This web site (the site) is operated by Lady Comfort 88 Inc. is an e-commerce site. Articles listed in the masculine form for convenience only, but is designed for both men and women. Rules can be changed at any time and at any time by the sole discretion of Lady Comfort 88 LTD. The provisions of this code apply to any use of or purchase made by you through an online form on the site and / or telephone and will form the legal basis for any discussion between you and Lady Comfort 88 LTD. Any use of this site constitutes your agreement to accept the terms and be followed, so if you do not agree to the terms its conditions please do not make any use of the site. pictures of products listed on the site are intended for illustrative purposes only, and may differ from photos shown on the site and the products are actually sold. Lady Comfort 88 Ltd. undertakes not to make any use of customer and credit card information beyond the purposes of making a sale for which the these details. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, 

Making reservations and payment 
Entitlement to use the site shall any person other than a minor (over 18), an active bank account in Israel and owns an email address. Minor users of the site - see the use of the site as received approval of a guardian. If the customer divulging false information or false about himself or credit card, including card number, card validity, ID number, address or any other information that will allow Lady Comfort 88 to perform the transaction, then you'll see Lady Comfort Inc. in a transaction 88 an invalid and will not be committed to the customer under any circumstances and shall be entitled to make a claim for the costs of treatment. Submission of false information is a criminal offense, and anyone who does so will legal proceedings, civil and criminal. The transaction will be valid and final only after receipt of payment or debit authorization by the credit card company. Before using these conditions, there is no obligation on the part of Lady Comfort 88 Ltd. for the transaction or the supply of goods, but in the case of credit card bill issues Production Representative Lady Comfort 88 Ltd. " 
Approval from purchases contingent on this product is in stock warehouses Lady Comfort and after the approval of the representative of the company by sending an SMS message / sending mail / phone call was entered in the transaction. Acquisition will be possible only products presented for sale with a price, if the customer has placed an order the product as Download Site or did not receive confirmation of the transaction, a Lady Comfort will not be committed to the sale of the product and the purchaser shall have no claim and / or claim in this regard for any direct or indirect damage caused to the purchaser or to a third party in. this is subject to the company Lady Comfort respond to all customer The amount paid if indeed paid. 

valid credit card and legal statements 
Buyer declares that he is aware of the laws of the credit cards as treats in 'acquiring a distance "and / or" Buying a Cell Phone "and / or" web transaction. " In case the purchaser will perform "denial of a deal" to her credit card company and credited by a credit card company, if Lady Comfort 88 LTD prove that first received the product to address it asked for, and in fact it turns out that he used the actions of law is the beneficiary of bad faith, then in that case will be Lady Comfort 88 Ltd. or its representatives are entitled to claim compensation in respect thereof without the need to prove damages. If the product was accepted practice in the purchase, but it demanded that the credit card chargeback credit card for a transaction for any reason whatsoever - it will not constitute acceptance of the Lady Comfort 88 Ltd. to cancel it and allow Lady Comfort 88 Limited demand and claim the money in its revocation itself amount to be returned and will become its promissory note to the site. 

Cancelling a transaction 
Lady Comfort 88 Ltd. makes every effort possible to provide customers with reliable and current information on the site about the products. If the mistake was made regarding the availability of the item in stock or the price of the product, including typing errors or price is not up to date, entitled Lady Comfort 88 Ltd cancel employment. In this case, production Representative Lady Comfort 88 Limited contact the customer and inform him about the cancellation of the transaction and / or offer him a deal under the revised terms and updated. The client may cancel the transaction on the transaction was to fourteen days of receipt of goods or disclosure, whichever is later their sons, provided that the goods will be returned to Lady Comfort 88 Limited new, not used and not opened in its original packaging. It is also not possible to return products manufactured, cut or particularly complex at the request of the customer. Cancellation of the transaction will be honored only after receiving official notification by the customer, send a written and / or fax and / or e-mail According to the Consumer Protection Law - 1981, Lady Comfort 88 may Ltd to charge cancellation fees of up to 5% of the purchased product or NIS 100, according to whichever is less. (Including postage and other expenses that are the result of a transaction) the customer is obligated to send the product back to Lady Comfort 88 LTD. In the case of a defect in the purchased goods or in the event that the goods supplied does not match the specifications promised to the customer at the time of purchase the customer is entitled to cancel the transaction from making the transaction to (14) fourteen days of receipt of goods or disclosure, whichever is later their sons. cancellation of the transaction will be honored only after receiving official notification by the customer, send a written and / or fax and / or e-mail, sent il. The customer returned 88 Lady Comfort Inc. merchandise in new condition as possible degree of probability in original packaging without significant damage caused to her. Applies Lady Comfort 88 Limited obligation to pay the freight of the goods back 88 warehouses Lady Comfort Inc. if necessary. 

Product warranty  
Lady Comfort 88 Ltd. is committed to product liability during the warranty period specified in the website for each product after purchase. No warranties products were injured by negligence or malice, erosion, damage to the upper shoe sole or decoration accessories heels, plaques, use of which is negligent , the product was not amended by the Company or with materials that are not suitable product, shoes come in contact with water or other liquid substances. In the event of a dispute regarding service and warranty after receiving the product the parties agree in advance that in the event of a dispute or a monetary claim, amount of claim against the Lady Comfort 88 Ltd. will not be able to rise above the amount equivalent product and right according to the value on the claim.  

Delivery time and shipping 
cost shipping as Outside this when booking site and depending on how the sending request 
Turnaround time if the product in stock is 14 business days from the date of purchase. If the product is not in stock and delivery time may lengthen But in any case given that a client  
note: Fridays, Saturdays, holiday eves and days of booking itself are not considered business days. Product delivery times are calculated from the time of approval of the transaction by the credit card company or receive a cash payment. Lady Comfort 88 Ltd. will not be responsible for any delay in supply or non-delivery caused by force majeure or acts of hostility / terror / war or strikes or another event that is not dominated by Lady Comfort 88 LTD. Lady Comfort 88 Ltd. will act to deliver the products in accordance with specified delivery times and will work through all available means in order to solve the problems that will arise, and in appropriate cases will allow customers who have not received the product cancel the transaction without incurring cancellation fees. 

general terms 
Customer shall not claim any kind to Lady Comfort 88 Inc. that will be beyond the amount of purchasing actual goods. The parties agree that the purchase amount will be the maximum amount it will be discussed parties if consent and / or if there will be controversy or claim between the parties. Signature on receipt of the package constitute a authorization for the product. If the product comes when it is damaged or open or a sign of damage to the package, then the buyer will be able to refuse to accept the package or notify him when Lady Comfort 88 Ltd. so that it will reach a decision and approve customer open the package has yet to sign and approve the acceptance intact . Lady Comfort 88 Ltd. or its representatives will not be responsible nor bear any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages caused to the user or a third party, resulting from the use or purchase, shall be grounds for the lawsuit will be, including loss of income and / or prevention of profit incurred any reason which, when Lady Comfort 88 Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the specific purchase by written notice to the purchaser.